STIL Platform

STIL is an innovative, scalable and predictive Enterprise Risk Management platform that offers modules tailored to specific needs in terms of performance and corporate profitability.

Whether you have thousands or billions of items of information to process, thanks to its multiple analysis capabilities, STIL provides access to accurate answers and control of all performance and profitability indicators in all simplicity and from anywhere. Available on your computer, smartphone or tablet, you can access the information you need in less than 3 clicks.


The STIL platform has been implemented with one main objective: to save you time and money.


STIL measures the real-time profitability of each organization. From its investments to its business performance, including its operational and documentary processes.


STIL performs its processes in accordance with international regulations (KYC, Solvency II, Basel II, Basel III, FATCA, etc.) that guarantee the solvency and performance of organizations in a Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) context.


STIL incorporates a learning base for the continuous improvement of profitability.


STIL anticipates market risks, whether in terms of managed assets, portfolios or entry errors.

The STIL platform offers various benefits within the context of the continuous improvement of performance and profitability.


The data quality control algorithms embedded in STIL allow the various strategic decisions to be based on reliable information.


Thanks to its integrated predictive models STIL can anticipate a maximum number of scenarios related to a business’ declining performance and profitability: increased risk exposure, decreased liquidity, fall in business reliability, etc.


With its avant-garde architecture, STIL provides fast access to answers, regardless of the volume of data to analyze.


With a quick hand-in-socket, STIL makes all information available in a few clicks, to facilitate everyday actions.


Because collective intelligence is a strength, each STIL user input updates all analyzes in real-time.


Available in English, French and German, STIL is deployable onsite, in the cloud or SaaS (Software-as-a-Service), and is accessible 24/7 from any computer and media from anywhere: PC, Mac, tablet, smartphone, etc.


The STIL platform uses the latest innovative technologies for data processing and data analysis to meet different performance, availability, scalability and security issues.

Deployable onsite, SaaS or cloud (AWS, Azure, etc.), it comes in 2 forms adapted to requirements and business characteristics.

Big Data & Machine Learning

STIL’s Big Data architecture is based on Hadoop YARN, Kafka uses for data ingestion and HBase for storage.
STIL calculation algorithms have been implemented around Deep Learning predictive models, and are based on Scala and R languages. The processing of large data volumes is parallelized and distributed through a Spark cluster providing high-level performance and availability.


STIL is compatible with various Big Data platforms: Hortonworks Data Platform (HDP), Cloudera Distribution for Hadoop (CDH), MapR Data Platform, Microsoft HDInsight and Apache.


Business Intelligence

STIL exists as a solution based on a SQL Server architecture with the latest Microsoft BI technologies (SSAS, SSIS, SSRS, PowerBI).
With the power of In-Memory OLTP (Hekaton), the strength of its innovative OLAP cubes and an advanced reporting interface, STIL meets its users’ performance, robustness, availability and interactivity needs.


STIL is also compatible with MySQL, MariaDB and PostgreSQL.





Do you need to check your investments and associated risks at any time?

Do you want to improve your risk and financial frameworks to further optimize your Portfolio Risk Ratings and improve your local and international assessment of risk appetite?

Do you want to benefit from a risk engine compliant with all major financial regulations (AML, KYC, Solvency II, Basel II, Basel III, MiFID, FATCA, Dodd-Frank Act, etc.) with regards to the management of your capital and your values?

As the heart of the STIL platform, STIL REG is an ECM (Economic Capital Management) and ALM (Asset Liability Management) module that maximizes your investment capacities and asset yields by limiting your risk exposure.


Key Features

• Actuarial model building: deterministic models based on back tests, stress tests or stochastic models based on nested simulations, curving fitting, etc.

• Processing of all significant financial data (depreciation, NAV, NBV, cumulative acquisition costs, dividends, gross and net sales, P&L, etc.)

• Calculation and predictive analysis of a variety of key risk indicators (KRI) based on risk appetite: VaR (Value at Risk), MCR (Minimum Capital Requirement), IRR (Internal Rate of Return), SCR (Solvency Capital Requirement), LCR (Basel Liquidity Coverage Ratio), NFSR (Net Stable Funding Ratio), RAROC (Risk Adjusted Return On Capital), etc.

• Monitoring of ALM indicators: cash flow, balance sheet, gap analysis, etc.

• Access to detailed information at different levels (investors, portfolios, assets) in an AML and KYC context.



This module allows each organization to have a better knowledge of financial events associated with its assets. It makes it possible to observe not only the three pillars of Solvency II regulations for insurers, but also main regulations for banks such as Basel II, Basel III and FATCA, while benefiting from AML, KYC, MiFID and Dodd-Frank Act directives.

It helps policy makers better manage their liquidity and risks, and better manage their investments in the short, medium and long-term. This is a predictive and proactive solution offering every decision maker the opportunity to invest at the right time thanks to a powerful statistical risk model and forward thinking.

Within 3 months of deployment, you can achieve the 99.5% confidence level targeted by the various financial regulations for the quality of your data.




Are you having trouble tracking the profitability of your commercial and marketing activities?

Do you dream of having a tool offering a 360 ° analysis of the performance of all your business operations and their risks?

STIL CM is a Commercial & Marketing Risk Management module dedicated to improving sales and marketing performance by reducing their risk exposure.


Key Features

• Sales Management: sales force automation, contacts, leads, opportunities, support, etc.

• Marketing Management: targets, campaigns, emailing, social networks, etc.

• Document Management: quotes, invoices, expense reports, etc.



This module allows each organization to have a perfect knowledge of its sales and marketing performances, and their associated risks. Whether these include the reliability of their leads and campaigns launched, the strength of their partnerships, the solvency of their customers, etc.

It helps decision makers to better control their business and make better decisions vis-à-vis their professional and commercial relationships.

Each individual commercial and marketing action has a financial impact: STIL CM combines all these actions at a global level to give you real-time control of your profitability on a case-by-case basis.




Do you have any trouble to effectively manage your real estate assets and their associated risks?

Do you dream to have a tool offering a 360 ° analysis of your overall portfolio assets?

STIL RE is a Real-Estate Risk Management module. It takes into account many risks associated with various real-estate investment:

• Property State: constructions, refurbishments.

• Valuation of real estate assets: real estate indices, gross, net values, market prices, provisions, expenses, rental incomes, etc.

• Environmental: disasters, sustainable development, etc.


Key Features

• Property Management: buildings, units.

• Rental Management: landlords, tenants, leases (break options, rent fees, extensions, etc.).

• Management of asset managers.



This module allows each organization to have a perfect knowledge of their real-estate ecosystem.

It helps decision makers to better manage the risks that could impact the value of their real-estate assets, and better make decisions vis-à-vis them.

Each individual action related to real-estate management has a financial impact: STIL RE combines all these actions at a global level to enable real-time monitoring of real-estate investment performances while controlling their risks.